Kokopelli Groove


Our Guiding Light

We provide empowering and fun events for communities and organizations. Our mission is to promote wellness and community harmony through the use of primitive acoustic instruments.

All over the world, since the dawn of mankind, we have enjoyed playing music in community. No formal lessons were necessary then, nor are they now. We are rhythmic beings. Expressing ourselves through music is as wild and natural today as it has always been.

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Our Set Up

We use a 40" Remo Table Drum, soft mallets (one for each hand), rattles, and sanitized Native American style flutes.

There is something for everyone to do and feel apart of the community groove.

The Flutes

We use Northern Spirit Native American style flutes. The flutes are sanitized between events. Read more about the Northern Spirit flutes on their website.

The Rhythm Sticks and Rhythm Rattles

We use Rhythm Sticks and attach Rhythm Rings to the ends. The flutes are sanitized between events.The user can create all sorts of pulse beats, groove patterns, or simple shake the sticks for a soft rattling sound made by the Rhythm Ring.


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