A Moving Meditation Taught by Accredited Teacher Ami Sarasvati

Accredited in 2012, I adore practicing and teaching T'ai Chi Chih for personal wellness as well as a healing art for others to learn.

T'ai Chi Chih is an elegant and simple practice, but so powerful in cultivating chi.

No previous experience is necessary. You can start enjoying the wonderful flow of energy and the many benefits of the practice from the very first time you try it. Whether you attend a live class or learn online, T'ai Chi Chih will be a treasured practice you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

What is T'ai Chi Chih?

From Justin Stone’s (Originator of T’ai Chi Chih) official website: www.taichichih.org:

T’ai Chi Chih is a set of movements completely focused on the development of an intrinsic energy called Chi. It’s easy to learn and usually takes about two months (or eight classes). T’ai Chi Chih (TCC) consists of 19 stand-alone movements and one pose.

Benefits of Practice:

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Immune System Function
  • Improved Balance and Flexibility
  • Weight and Blood Pressure Control
  • Deepened Awareness and Creativity

See my teacher page on the official T'ai Chi Chih website.

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